Furnished or not furnished? ... Definetly better furnished

Furnished or not furnished? ... Definetly better furnished

In Milan what matters most is location. The old saying "location, location, location" is the real mantra that should guide your real estate hunt.

What could happen is that you find the perfect flat and perfect ocation, but the property you fell in love with is -unfortunately -  not furnished.

We consider only the situation where the bathrooms are present, as a house without bathrooms would imply a huge cost of renovation that, if incurred by the tenant, makes difficult if not impossible a potential negotiation with the landlord to close a rental deal.

Let's consider then, as an example, the situation of a one bedroom apartment, without the kitchen, the furniture of the bedroom and the furniture of the living room.

The best solution is to negotiate with the owner a deal where you show him what you are going to buy and the price of the whole package, and agree with him that the entire amount, or significant part of it, is taken from the first n months of rent. The furniture becomes property of the owner and you have the upside of deciding what to buy and enjoy it when it's brand new. A second possible solution, according similar guidelines, different only from a liquidity perspective, as in this case is the tenant - yourself - to anticipate the money, is to agree with the owner that when you will leave the flat he will reimburse you x% of the amount spent.

Speaking about money, for the one bedroom flat we consider above in the current example, we are talking about: 1500 EUR for the kitchen, 1000 eur for the living room (considering the purchase of a sofa-bed), 1000 EUR for the bedroom.

When you have the luck to find a smart and open minded landlord, renting a flat that is not furnished is no big deal, except for the money and work that you have to put in it at the beginning. The problems start when you deal with someone either against contributing to the furniture at all or "leaving the matter to when you'll have left". In both case we personally suggest our clients not to consider this solutions.

Unless the monthly rent offers a significant discount relative to the current market rates, it's better to pass to the next opportunity.

Experience teahces us that as at the end of the contract, when you decide to leave, the landlord will say he has no interest at all in the furniture unless you leave it there for free. It will be impossible, unless you have a friend matching in that specific window of time your needs, to sell it to anybody else. You will just end up spending the 4,000 EUR above and giving them for free to the landlord. With a rental lasting 10 years this could make sense, as you'll basically use it for its entire useful life but with the current market situation, we witness, where a tenant stays on average 18 months in a place is just money wasted.

Leave these places empty, their landlord will soon understand that is better to get some stuff at the nearest IKEA !


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