Looking for a place to live ... with a pet

Looking for a place to live ... with a pet

We start saying that, according a recent rule promulgated by the town hall of Milan, nobody is authorized to ban your pet from the house you rent.

Few years ago it was very common to have rental contracts stating that pets were not allowed and, more importantly, to have building rules where there was clearly written that animals of any kind were not allowed in the building, thus giving the other owners the possibility to attack a tenant in case his landlord was informally allowing the pet inside.

The innovation made by the town hall is of great importance for a lot of people who struggled for years in order to live peacefully with their pets inside their homes. We definetely agree with this decision, and we are happy also beacuse less money is wasted in useless legal costs.

When it comes to tenants though, especially the ones the companies we work with specialize in, as students and young professionals, our believes are different: animals could really be a big issue.

The first, strong, suggestion we give to prospective tenants is to make immediately clear and explicit that you'll bring along a pet, and the size of it. The person you interact with, being him the landlord or the real estate agent, have to be able to foresee evetual issues in you bringing along a pet. If they are not happy with it, for any reason, it's better to look for a different solution not spending months to struggle with a landlord who's not happy and eventually a real estate agents even less happy as the landlord blames him for the contract.

On a more technical perspective, we strongly suggest people with pets to choose places with an open air space, like a terrace or even a small balcony. Keeping the pet closed for hours if not days, when you leave for the weekend, is  not a great thing for its wellbeing.


In general we advise owners not to accept tenants with pets, unless they are cats or really sall dogs, for the following reason: experience teahces us that students and young professionals are busy and the dog ends up staying for long hours at home alone. Some noise could happen and its barking would soon follow, lasting even for hours. People could also complain for it staying on the balcony saying this is dangerous (happened a few times). Medium sized and big dogs are a good companion only if the tenant is able to afford a dog sitter every day or if they arrange a "day care" where they bring their pets not leaving them alone at home.


Please let us know your thoughts about we wrote about above, just send us an email to: info@housingmilan.com


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