Building Charges ... watch out!

Building Charges ... watch out!

When we browse real estate ads on the main Italian portals and on real estate agencies websites, we are usually shown the rent we pay to the landlord, an amount we know we can maybe negotiate a little and that will clearly be indicated in the contract.

What is usually not so clear, and it's better to clarify before even signing a formal offer, are the building charges.

The main drivers behind the increase of building expenses you pay monthly together with the rent are:

- centralized heating system: unless the house is very recent, the heating systems are not so efficient and it's not surprising to have a 100 EUR charged monthly for a service we use only 4-5 months a year

- presence of a doorman: the annual total cost of a doorman to a building, for a full time job, is around 30,000 EUR, this means that if there are 30 flats , you will be charged 80 eur monthly for this service alone


Building expenses could be charged by the landlord in two ways:

- a "forfait": in the contract is specified an amount that will be fixed every month irrespective of the actual amounts charged to the owner (in this case you know for sure what will be the total cost of your stay in Milan)

- a "conguaglio": in this case in the contract is written an amount that could have increases at the end of the year if the actual costs of the building will be higher than expected. This is the most delicate situation where we usually suggest to ask for the building charges docs for the last two years at least in order to see if any surprises arose in the recent past on that front.


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