What do we mean with "gravi motivi" in the rental contracts

What do we mean with

We usually stress to landlords to include a minimum stay of one year when they close a long term rent in order to aboid tenants potentially expliting the good long term rate to stay in a place just few months.

If you take a small to medium flat in Milan it's normal to be asked to stay at least 12 months in the place, and if you ask for strutural modifications or improvements, the minimum period could easily reach 24 months.

This said, the Italian law allows the tenant to terminate any rental contract with no notice period and no penaly if there's a serious reason motivating his decision to leave.

In order to be accepted as a "grave motivo", the event must be:

- unexpected, at least before the signature of the rental contract

- independent of the tenant decision, intervention or behaviour

- the event makes a possible stay too burdersome for tenant, not only economically but eventually also psychologically

If the reason you put up for your contract termination does not meet the above criteria, you could end up in trouble as the landlord will ask for a massive penaly for early termination of the contract or, in the majority of the instances, will just cash in your security deposit as partial reimbursement.

Let's make some examples without the aim of being exhaustive:

- you were fired from your job

- the company you work for moved you to a different city

- family issues, like a parent who got seriously ill and needs your physical presence in a different city/country

- stalking, this is the perfect example of a non economic reason that makes your stay in the flat impossible. We can consider the case of a neighbour who is continuosuly harassing you, night and day. Italy has just created laws dedicated to fight and limit this social pathology

- structural problems of the place or the building the flat is part of, if the owner is not willing to intervene to solve the potentially health threatening issue, you are allowed to leave the place

Please keep in mind this possibility if something happens in your life, pushing you to move out of the flat you maybe took just few months before, landlords are usually quite silent about this possibility, so you will be the best advocate of yourself.


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