Looking for a house...having a baby

Looking for a house...having a baby

In this post we would like to stress the main parameters and characteristics to look at when you are looking a house, alone or with your partner, having a baby boy living with you.

We unfortunately witness sometimes real estate agents minimizing certain difficulties and aspects of a particular real estate solution, just to be able to close a deal, irrespective of the problems and headaches that this bahaviour creates to the new tenant.

Let's make a list of things to look at, in order of importance:

- presence of an elenvator with no stairs in between from the entrance of the building to your actual flat. Sentences like "it's only the first floor" assume a different meaning when at the first floor, without an elevator you are bringing up the stroller, your baby and a couple of shopping bags with his milk and diapers

- the flat should be on a single level, lofts are definetly not baby friendly. Having stairs that are unprotected inside the house creates a constant stress, as the baby, once he starts tigering, could fall off from them. The best thing is to forget about lofts or strange penthouses and just look at normal flat on a single level

- the possibility of not using your own car, when you have a baby, is even more essential than whn you are alone. Try to rent a place walking distance from a metro station (with elevator) and from a supermarket where you are able to find all the essential day to day products you may need

- now it's very difficult to find them as in the last ten years a lot of owners renovated their properties and changed the moquette with a cleaner parquet - style tile (gres porcellanato), but in case you find an old (and for us horrible) moquette, negotiate with the owner to take it out in order not to have you baby living  in germs friendlt environment

- looking forward to when you'll go back to work, having a good kindergarden, that you can trust, eventually bilingual, it's of the utmost importance. There are many of them in the city centre, you can easily find them with the social network groups of neo-mums. Just be careful of not choosing a house not having a place where to bring your child walking distance, that could be a real daily headache, difficult to bear!


Hope this helps in having clear in mind the things to look at when you just had a baby and you ae looking for a new place in Milan.

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