Be careful who do you live with

Be careful who do you live with

When signing a rental contract in Milan, when you share the flat with other people there are two possible options.

Either the owner drafts a specific contract for each tenant, so to make everybody independent from each other, or all the tenants are cited in a signle document where everybody has a joint liability towards the owner.

We usually see students' parents putting little, or no effort at all, in understanding who their sibling is going to share the apartment with. This we believe is a mistake and we explain here why.

In a joint liability contract, if a tenant does not pay his part of the rent, the owner has the right to ask it to the remaining tenants notwithstanding their regular payments on their own parts.

Recently we witnessed the termination of a contract where, out of 4 tenants, one was not paying and at the end the other three had their security deposit sized due to the liabilities created by the -only - one who was not paying.

We always stress to the parents to understand who theri sibling will share the flat with, ideally they should be all friends or people coming from the same place or students attending the same university.

Having independent contracts would be the best solution to these kinds of issues but we usually suggest landlords not to take that way for flat management reasons, so you will have an hard time finding one.

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