Residential Rental Contract Parameters in Milan

Residential Rental Contract Parameters in Milan

A brief primer on key issue to look at when signing a residential rental contract in Milan:

  •     start date
  •     who is the owner, a private indivudual or a corporation, in the latter case you will have tax expenses during the life of the contract;
  •     payment: monthly , quarterly or … every six months
  •     number of months asked as security deposit (the standard is three but the owners are able to ask you more, even six for elegantly furnished apartments)
  •     number of months of notice in case you wish to leave: here too the standard is now three months but owners are always trying to apply the old rule of the six months period … too much for the current life pace we have
  •     building expenses: how much, when do you have to pay them and what is included and what not- always ask for a complete list (internet is usually not included but you can ask to include its cost not to have to setup your own internet connection)
  •     electric appliances: always specify that if they break the owner needs to change them and not you. The boiler of the hot water could cost 2,000 EUR to change, better not to leave this just in talk
  •     legal framework of the contract: we use only the 4+4 years standard, the best for long term rents in Italy, be careful about using other formats that could come up as not robust enough is something happens


Please let us know your thoughts and tell us if we forget something important!

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