FAQ - Tenants

Air B&B - tenants

Q: Is AirBNB helpful in my flat hunt for a long term rent stay?

Air conditioning

Q: Should I trust the landlord who promised me he would put AC as soon as I got in?

Babies as flatmates

Q: Does the fact of having a baby change the way I look for flats?

Building Expenses

Q: Is there a way to understand if building expenses are too high?

Buildings Rules

Q: Is there a list of rules I'm asked to adhere to as a tenant of the building I live in?

Cedolare Secca - Fiscal Regime

Q: What is "Cedolare Secca"?

Dish washer

Q: IS the dish washer useful after all?


Q: Is a drier helpful at the end of the day?


Q: Is it a good idea to take a flat that is not furnished? Do I get a better price?


Q: Can I invite guests in the flat I rented?

Heating system

Q: Who is responsible to pay the yearly maintenance of the heating system?

How to present an offer

Q: What should I write in the offer not to miss any important issues?

Insurance ("Assicurazione del conduttore")

Q: Does it make sense to have an additional insurance policy on the flat in addition to the security deposit I give to the landlord?

Notice period

Q: When do I need to tell the owner that I'm leaving the flat?


Q: Should I disclose to the landlord, or real estate agent, the fact that I will be living with a pet?

Real Estate Portals

Q: What are the best real estate portals for long term rents?


Q: Is it really needed the registration process?

Reinforced door

Q: Having a reinforced door is necessary or I can live with a normal one?

Repainting walls

Q: Do I really need to repaint the walls of the flat i rented when I decide to leave it?

Security Deposit

Q: How much should be the security deposit?

Stamp duties

Q: Why do I have to pay stamp duties to register my rental contract?


Q: Could renting a terrace be a problem?

Utility bills

Q: Should I change utility company as there seem to be better offers out there?


Q: Should I accept a flat with old and thin windows?